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Sasuke by menu-tessu
I haven't done manga in a while and I can still clearly see how much prodigybombay's art influences to the point it looks...
Lovebite-hostclub Application by menu-tessu
Lovebite-hostclub Application
this is my application as a host for the rp group :iconlovebite-hostclub:

    Name: Alrik von Dampierre

    Nickname: ...

    Species: Vampire

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6 ‘2

    Sexuality: Questionable but more inclined to male

    Age: ???


        · He’s lost his humanity since he’s a pretty old vampire making him slightly sadistic and psychopathic
        · He flirts through compliments
        · He prefers using “one” instead of “You” and refers to himself as "We"
        · He always speaks in full sentences- no contractions
        · His powers are mostly only usable when there is a source of light making him weak and useless when there is none. He can only displace objects or turn his body into smoke for defence.
        · He does not like running from a fight so if he fights when he has a disadvantage he might end up dying.
        · He has a slight form of OCD


        · Dark Belgian chocolate with hazelnut- he has a sweet tooth
        · He likes reading classic novels and poems
        · He listens to classical music- some form of music is always playing in his mansion
        · Predator birds- he does not own one.


        · Incorrect Grammar
        · Someone who is too proud- even though he’s arrogant himself
        · Cats- the furs, the purrs- they annoy him
     · Whistling- was considered rude in the era he was from


    He was born into a noble family where he learnt his etiquette lessons. Around the time when he turned into his teens he started to fall ill. He started to despise any and every food. He became slightly sensitive to light. He slowly started turning paler and weaker.

    One night after the full moon he woke up naked covered blood, surrounded by dead bodies of his servants and his parents. Even though the situation traumatised he slowly forgets about it as time goes on. His memory deletes itself as it happens and at first he tried to cling onto making sure that he did not forget but after a century or so he has given up. This is the reason of his slowly eroding humanity.


         · He has no knowledge about pop culture
         · He does not like walking and is always seen floating around or sitting with his legs crossed in a cloud of smoke
         · He is obsessed with collecting fine cutlery.
         · He believes in true love.


         · He utilises the shadow- so needs a form of light source to utilise it
         · He can create clones from shadow that do not have a physical properties- you cannot touch them but if they touch you it grows fear inside you. The shadow feeds on fear and sorrow growing stronger when said feeling grows.
         · He can throw the shadow like knives but instead of creating fear they latch onto the person slowly numbing their senses. The more knives latched on the faster the person’s senses dull.
         · Within a meter around him he can create a black hole that displaces any non-living object, teleporting the objects from where it was approaching to wherever he likes. The objects cannot be absolutely big so he cannot displace if someone throws a cupboard at him.
         · He can turn his body into smoke. He disappears in a cloud of smoke, which he can also use, to teleport few meters away.


Hades New App by menu-tessu
Hades New App
App update after 10 years for the group :iconeverafterau:

    • Name: Hades, Knight of Black

    • Age: Unknown.

    • Sexuality: Unkown.

    • Species: Undead/Machine

    • Royal or Rebel: Royal

    • Why: My father was summoned to battle someone and as he has failed to do so, the task falls down to me.

    • Grade: 12

    • Personality: Quiet - Easily irritated - He will not speak to you - Strong

    • Likes: Mango Juice - Braith whom he has set himself as her protector

    • Disliked: When parts of his machines start to squeak

    • Additional Information:

    • His tattoo on his chest states: T B G which stands for tempus fugit; bellum se ipsum alet; Gloria in excelsis Deo

    • Half his body is made out of machine.

    • He feels no pain.

    • He won't speak unless absolutely necessary and even then it's short sharp words.

    • He has an unhealthy fascination with mango juice and always carries one around.

    • He will only ever trust one person and that person he will protect with his life, unless it comes between his task.

    • He has no magic but he is powerful enough not to be defeated easily.

    • He is an undead and will not die unless he fulfills his task.

    • His covered face is purely wires and metals.

    Full body sketch with his wep.
    Albirich Erl Konig by menu-tessu
    Albirich Erl Konig
    Puberty happened okay! That's why he looks so different.
    • Name: Albirich Erl Konig
    • Age: xx>
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Unsure
    • Species: Elven Fairy
    • Royal or Rebel: Rebel
    • Why: He has no interest in killing people or luring them to their deaths. Hard to control in his true form.
    • Grade: 12
    • Glamoured Personality: Bright and cheerful. Stubborn. Over thinks and imagines. Paranoid.
    • True form personality: Bloodthirsty - lunatic - angry - easily annoyed
    • Likes: Drawing- Daydreaming - Cute things - tattoos and piercings - video games
    • Dislikes: Insects - his paleness - noise when he's trying to sleep - smell of boiled mushroom - cooking

    • Additional info:
      • Tattoos running his entire right arm - new tattoo a pumpkin and fire
      • Wardrobe consists of nothing but variants of coats/shirts/jeans.
      • Never finished any art work.
      • If he's glaring at you he's just looking at you and is mesmerised by you.
      • He doesn't do well in hot sun.
      • Due to the fact that he;s family kill people he gets pretty bloodthirsty if he hasn't killed anything for a while.
      • He has eaten pretty weird stuffs, some things he will never admit to eating.
      • His true form is quite tall and smells of dead things.

      True Form Full Body Sketch

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